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Jack of all trades. Master of none. Pretty darn good at most.

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Video Editing

I’ve produced over 300 professional videos, since 2008. Video production & motion graphics are my passion. Check out my stuff. If you like what you see, let’s make some movie magic!

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Graphic Design

This is what I do. I’m a broad-spectrum, bad design killer. With proficiency in many Adobe products, as well as a keen eye for typography, image and color, I’ll take you anywhere.

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Digital Marketing

As part of a nimble, internal Marketing team, I was given the opportunity to grow my skills beyond design. I can navigate you through the world of digital marketing and give your business the edge you deserve.

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This all started with me pursuing my artistic talent, as a career. I still enjoy creating new illustration work with traditional and digital media. I’ve use these skills to create some of my favorite work for my clients.


I am a creative professional with 12 years of experience working in a sci-tech marketing department. I offer the visual communication skills of a one-man graphics department and video production crew, yet I thrive on the energy of collaborating with a talented team.

After all of these years, I'm still searching for a project, an all encompassing effort that sends my senses into hyperdrive. It's honestly only happened once in all of these years, and it was beautiful. I feel like a swarm of hornets trapped inside of a gum ball machine. Turn the knob.

I'm ready.

Featured Client - MEAN Beard Co.


Fancy Seeing You Here.

Jeremy R Sharp

Graphic Designer
Video Editor
Creative Pro

I’ve spent roughly half of my adult life less than 30 inches from a computer screen. That is a scary thought. Luckily, a lot of that time has been spent pursuing my career in the graphic arts. I hope that you see something in my portfolio that you find intriguing. If not, let me know. I don’t mind a little constructive criticism. Let’s make something that no one has ever seen before. That would be pretty badass, don’t you think?

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